I am a huge fan of the auction arena. The energy… the excitement… the sense of urgency to get the bid in… I get it! However, I’m also a huge fan of efficiency, opportunity, technology, and, well… heat!

Old-school mentality dictates that purchasing vehicles requires the buyer to be able to kick the tires, listen to the engine, and physically touch the unit. I used to have the same mentality when it came to shopping for clothes. Now I do about 50{2878203867b979b46698879f1cb18a2b5d5141b9fc43a53c49a713777af15d34} of my clothes shopping online. With the amount of data available, and with the feedback from other customers, I am becoming more comfortable making online purchasing decisions.

The point is… the online opportunity cannot be ignored. The comfort level is increasing. While the traditional auction experience is great, there are times when convenience and selection are going to take precedence. Condition reports are becoming more sophisticated, and auctions are working to provide a better online experience. Logistics companies are improving cost and efficiency with regard to transportation, and simulcast delivers the energy of attending a live sale. As the climate changes, extreme temperatures may make bidding from a heated/air conditioned office seem a lot more desirable. At this time of year in the northern part of the country, you can kick the tires, but the auction is not responsible if you lose a toe! (Pretty sure that’s written in the policies.)

I am not attempting to persuade everyone to leave the auction lanes just to bid online. I am merely pointing out that online auctions are a great option for sourcing inventory, and nearly every auto auction in the country is currently enabled to provide this convenience. So the question remains… Why wouldn’t an auto dealer source inventory online?

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