For nearly 5 years, our team has focused on the challenges and the changes that have impacted auction buyers, whether they’ve bought online or in-lane. During this time, we have addressed some of the limitations of independent auctions, and technology providers, in their ability to minimize the disconnect and respond to the needs of the evolving customer. So, in addition to making sure buyers were able to attend the live simulcast events, the next most import thing we did… was to listen.

…And we’ve heard a lot of frustration.

While the Internet has expanded the buyer’s access to inventory, it has also, without a doubt, generated a higher level of complexity in the process. With technology comes errors and incompatibility… With multiple vendors, there is minimal transparency and unclaimed accountability… With multiple registrations, there are various accounts to track… With multiple transactions at multiple auctions, there are multiple services within multiple departments… and so on. Therefore, a single auction or technology provider can only do its part within the whole landscape. Whereas, a universal support liaison can continue to assist customers as they move from one auction or platform to the next.

VIP Buyer is the product of a committed effort to create stability for auction customers who range from fully digital, to light users of technology. It is funded by the collective participation of Independent Auto Auctions working to modernize the traditional customer experience with digital optimization, knowledgeable technical support, and complete transparency. VIP Buyer combines human and digital resources to improve efficiency, strengthen customer relationships, and instill greater confidence in buying online.

So if you’re a buyer and feel like you could use some assistance…

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