Online Clerk Basics

Online Clerk Basics is a compact version of our full Clerk Simulation Training, and is meant to accommodate auctions that struggle with the high-turnover rate for individuals in this position. Our system allows auctions to improve the standards for online execution, provides consistency to help improve dealer confidence, while also reducing costly errors associated with training clerks on a live block.


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The Online Clerk Training Simulator emulates the live bidding environment with real auctioneers and unpredictable sale outcomes. Clerks are conditioned to respond in a reasonable time, engage online customers, and incite bid activity.

Our training program is geared towards improving the execution of your simulcast auction while greatly reducing block errors.  It provides consistency, and professionalism to improve buyer confidence, thereby increasing online participation and sales.

Every year, more dealers attend simulcast events for convenience only to experience frustration due to inexperienced clerks who are only trained to click a bid button at the speed of the auctioneer’s chant – a bare minimum approach to a much greater opportunity. Online Clerk Training should provide dealers with a virtual experience that mirrors the classic excitement of the traditional auction, making dealers feel like they are right in the room.

Auctioneers are required to have the proper credentials to perform at the block. Shouldn’t the same expectations be required for your Online Clerk?

Browser Requirement: Google Chrome

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