The Difference Means Growth For Your Online Auto Auction

All anyone knew was that the position needed to be filled. Someone needed to be held accountable. The online events needed to be created… the inventory needed to go up… someone needed to know how to register customers… the computers needed to be turned on… And that, my friends, was the original job description for the ‘Online Manager’. Someone needed to maintain the new process. It was right up there with the philosophy that online clerks only needed to be able to click a mouse, and hear.

I’ve been asked many times what the job description for an Online Manager should look like. The problem I always have with that question is the word Manager. You see,Managers are typically hired to supervise a process that already exists. My belief is that the position truly calls for a Leader – someone who is willing to disrupt the process to maximize the potential of the business. The only way this should scare you is if you don’t believe that the person you hired is capable of doing just that.

I’m not talking about someone who comes in with a new idea every day, and attempts to implement it. Leaders are strategic, and they are able to take direction as well as they give it. They are not egotistical. They will not stand in the way of the auction’s online success to exert their authority. They do not say things like, “We have to adhere to this procedure, because that is what we do!” They are willing to challenge the system to produce a better outcome. This is technology… it is constantly evolving. Therefore, if you have an Online Manager who cannot easily adapt to change, then your growth potential is limited. A leader is a gateway to success, not a barrier to entry.

The industry has a lot of opportunities for Online Leaders to meet and share ideas. Annual Conferences like the NAAA, IARA, ARN…just to name a few. AuctionVcommerce provides a dedicated focus to the online initiative for a nominal fee, and consults with Online Leaders every day. We’ve found that Online Leaders ask for direction, but they also provide good feedback based on the experiences they encounter after they’ve tried new methods. They motivate others to be involved, because they understand that scalability is important. They evaluate outcomes, and make adjustments, rather than just revert back to old methods out of fear. Online Leaders are people who think globally, because they understand that there is opportunity beyond a 300-mile radius of the physical auction. They are people who are comfortable with technology, and they help others become comfortable with the technology. Would you hire a jockey who is afraid of his horse, and expect him to win? The Online Leader is aware of everything that impacts the growth of the online business. They are setting goals, and measuring success.

When I think of an Online Manager, I picture someone who waits for changes to occur. When I think of an Online Leader, I picture someone who is that change.

Just think…you already left your comfort zone when you agreed to take your business online. Now you have to adapt your business model to meet the requirements for online success. Some auctions may say, “But we’re not ready for that kind of change.” My response? “You will never be ready if you don’t even begin to prepare.”

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