Attention Automotive Dealers & Consignors

AuctionVcommerce supports a network of Auto Auctions committed to improving the online experience for their dealer customers and seller reps. Our network understands that whether you visit their auctions in person, or through their website, there should not be a lapse in customer service. Furthermore, they get that there is more to it than just answering phone calls, or responding to chat messages. The online department should be knowledgeable with regards to the software, know how to troubleshoot, and have some level of understanding as to the paths of integration intertwined within so many layers of technology. After a support call, auction customers should leave with the sensation that the auction is fully qualified to operate in the virtual space.

At this point, it should not be acceptable to provide minimal support, blame technology vendors for staff errors, or cost customers a vehicle purchase, whether due to a technology error, or lack of clerk training. Every auction should provide ample customer service as described above, and every auction should focus on the online delivery. The services and tools exist, but more importantly, the future of the Auto Auction Industry is on the line. The low hanging fruit for disruption is rooted in the notion that you have x amount of time to adapt. You really don’t.

If you are a dealer or a consignor, I urge you to take a look at the online service you or your customers are receiving. Consignors – click here to learn more about working with our network. Dealers – click here to receive an incentive to participate with any or all of our members. Please feel free to explore the site, locate auctions you’ve worked with, and leave reviews. It’s up to you to set the expectations.

Together Everyone Achieves More.

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