Over the years, I have been asked by many GMs to outline a job description detailing what I believe to be the scope of the Online Manager position. Since the introduction of online technology, auctions have been filling this role with no other objective than to set up the events, turn on the equipment, take online customer calls, and contact the technology vendors to report bugs in the system. This was, and continues to be, an extremely minimalistic approach. While it serves to respond to the need of basic functionality, the initiative is completely void of any real effort toward growth.


The first thing that auto auctions need to understand is that the online endeavor cannot seamlessly piggy-back off the brick-and-mortar business model. While each sector may be tasked with reaching the same destination, the journey will only be successful with the proper tools and approach most conducive to the respective landscape. Soon, it will not matter whether you personally feel that the traditional model is the best method for remarketing vehicles, because the customers will ultimately make the decision. The auction’s only hope is to prepare for either case scenario with a well constructed foundation that substantiates their ability to cater to both the online and the traditional market with the same degree of authority.


On that note, what do I believe to be an appropriate description for the position of Online Manager?
Well, since you asked… I believe the Online Manager should extract the online business model from the brick-and-mortar infrastructure, and develop the necessary procedures, standards, tracking, digital strategy, reports, and communication channels that are exemplary of a successful online business. The Online Manager should have experience in Business Development, or at least have the entrepreneurial instincts to break through the traditional mindset in an effort to create the virtual appeal needed to grow and maintain an online customer-base. He/she should also measure financial milestones, and set weekly targets.


A few years ago, you may have written this off as being altogether unrealistic. However, with a year-over-year increase in online sales, you’ve probably developed a more discerning point of view that allows you to find something clarifying in this description – or – makes you feel that your current selection may be somewhat under-qualified for the position. If you are at the point where you realize that your online operation is not optimized for the purpose of growing this segment, take a look at what’s new from AuctionVcommerce.


OMG! is a digital solution that was created to guide Online Managers on their mission to manage, monitor, and grow the online business. It does not require a Harvard degree, or an entrepreneurial background. It was developed as an integral part of AuctionVcommerce’s effort to move the industry forward within the virtual space. With the Online Manager workflow embedded into the system, and the integration of online data, we are bringing the online initiative into focus using the tools, and the team that you already have in place.


With the ability to review auctioneer/clerk/event performance insights, you are able to address issues concerning the end-user experience, and measure the impact of your promotional campaigns. You can now track customer activity, and receive notifications when online attendance begins to decline. You can also stay on top of all of your technology issues, feature requests, procedures, equipment, passwords, and vendors. When your Online Manager goes on vacation, your centralized Online Manager Guide allows you to operate without interruption. The system also provides financial insight, access to training, guides to best practices, and an entrance to our online auto auction community.


AuctionVcommerce is the industry’s only source for online infrastructure support. Our goal is to improve online remarketing no matter which technology you use. If you are looking to take your online initiative to the next level, give us a call at 855-469-7272 Ext 1.