Premium Online Customer Service

Our Auto Auction Members are committed to improving the online experience for their dealers. This means providing multi-channel support, which allows dealers to reach out through their own preferred channel. Here are some of the tools online customers can access through AVC Auto Auction Members:

For Membership Inquiries, Call Us At: 855-998-8266

Telephone Support

Our members provide online dealers with dedicated telephone support. Knowledgeable Reps work with the online customers to ensure their issue is handled efficiently, and effectively. We do not ask customers to hang up to call other technology providers. We assist them through the entire process when an issue is affecting their ability to register or bid online.

Chat Support

Chat provides dealers with an online concierge service where they can get online technical support, or submit requests that are distributed to the appropriate department. This alleviates some of the call volume for the auction, giving the staff an organizational approach to managing outside communication complete with documented tracking, and analytics.

Help Center Support

Dealers can look up information they need to know right away. Our Auction Member Help Centers are updated with information based on some of the most common questions asked by dealers all over the country. A simple search provides returns the information quickly, and if the information isn’t available, a message will be sent to the support team.

Other Benefits

Online Focus

Online Customers deserve to enjoy the same experience with a fair opportunity to purchase vehicles as the dealers who physically attend the auction. We provide auctions with the feedback to insure a premium online experience.

Lane Monitoring

We monitor lanes to identify any technical issues, and report them directly to the Online Manager. We also provide the auction with feedback on the quality of the online broadcast with regards to audio, video, and execution.

Remote Assistance

AVC Reps will log into the customer’s system to diagnose issues, remove barriers that obstruct the ability to participate, or just to help customers become acquainted with the system.