Digital Buyers

An Online Infrastructure Built for Success

The world is changing and so are your competitors.

AuctionVcommerce provides the infrastructure to support online growth and take your auction into the next generation of auto remarketing.

Outside the Blocks

You Sell Cars... We Sell Confidence

We understand the challenges of participating online and work to remove the obstacles that inhibit the customer's ability to bid. The support and training we provide to dealers help to incite confidence, which is the key to online conversion.

Experienced Team

The experience we bring to the table spans across multiple auctions using multiple technology solutions. We understand the customers and the challenges they face. Therefore, we are able to resolve issues quickly, ensuring more qualified buyers are able to participate in the sale.

Multi-Channel Support

As phone calls are increasingly becoming an 'old-fashioned' way to connect, we provide our auctions with branded tools that allow customers to engage by phone, chat, text, or support tickets. In addition, dealers can access the auction's Help Center 24/7.

Digital Workflow

Traditional, paper-based workflow slows an auction's productivity, and is inefficient, resulting in very costly errors. We provide solutions to help our auction members optimize their workflow and improve performance - all while keeping customers and their auction reps in the loop.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is far more beneficial to a business than the effort to bring in new customers. We provide the tools to re-engage online customers who have stopped attending and work to engage current customers in an effort to improve loyalty and confidence.

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

For less than the cost of a part-time employee, you can have a full online department.


Compete with digital disruptors by modernizing your business.


Technology requires skill. Customers know the difference.


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