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    I have not been happy at all with the service. Because of work, I have to bid through the internet and over the last few weeks been finding out the added charges for things I have not asked for, nor wanted. If there is an added fee for being an internet bid, I can understand that. But then finding out that there are added fees for inspections I never asked for or wanted just because you want to make more money off of the sale has gotten to be beyond ridiculous. What’s even better is when I’m told that it is an added service because it’s an internet bid. No, added service doesn’t come with a cost to it. That is nothing more than forcing someone to pay more. So now I’m in the process of looking for another auction to do business with.

    1. Please note that the auction’s policies regarding online fees are posted on the website, and were put in place to protect online buyers. Your case in particular is a demonstration of just how that works. The $50 inspection fee protected you from a $2000 purchase in addition to buyer fees and repairs for a faulty transmission. Since dealers are not permitted to test drive vehicles prior to the sale, you would not have been able to detect this issue upon a visual inspection. I’m sorry that you do not recognize the value of these services, despite your recent experience. However, I do want to make clear that these fees are posted, they are required by most auctions in the industry, and Rawls customers are not -nor have they ever been- forced to do business with the auction. That being said, we do appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback, and your thoughts will be taken into consideration.

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