How do you rise above the noise in a filterable environment where the customer controls the view? Marketing has essentially turned into a competitive sport when it comes to the digital world. You need a playbook, a skilled team, and most importantly, you need to build your fan base. Basically, if you want to play in the big leagues, you have to be willing to give it 110%.

Many small businesses that want to pursue the online opportunity start out like any amateur sportsman. They purchase the equipment, take a few lessons, and then run out on the field, where they soon realize, they are completely unprepared. Guess who else realizes it?

Yep… the audience!

With online marketing (just like sports), if you play a good enough game, your fans will start coming to watch you. They will make you visible in their channels. They will not block you, and they will even share the experience with friends. However, you have to send in the right content. You have to look for your receivers, and focus on the goal. You have to analyze your stats, and diagram your strategy. You have to know the field.

Rule # 1: Never Limit Your Reach!

Working with auto auctions, the biggest question I get is: If I don’t go where everyone else is, then how will customers find me? Here’s the thing… Potential customers are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are always looking for you – or – someone like you. They are like scouts. They will do the searching, but you have to make it possible for them to see you.

Rule # 2: Show Them Your Skills

What has your business accomplished? How are you different than your competitors? Share your expertise. Engage your audience. Make them want to root for your success. Use videos, images, and inspirational stories. Build your brand!

Rule # 3: Earn Their Loyalty

It’s easy to write whatever you want online, but all too often, you see businesses say what they do, but forget to do what they say. Online credibility is the championship ring. It’s what you are striving for every single day. No one is going to give it to you. You have to be worthy.

Like any sport, in order to be good, you also have to have the fundamentals. These include commitment, consistency, and creativity. Your track record is what your customers will bet on. So get in the game… play your heart out… and above all else… Listen to the coach!


Coach Kelly