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Are you a Licensed Automotive Dealer and need help registering or having issues with your account? Call 833-BID-TECH to become a VIP Buyer and get assistance for any of our auto auction members. If you attend any of the following auctions online, look for the follow-up email that will request your feedback. We encourage you to participate in the effort to provide the best online bidding experience! Improving the Standard for Online Auction Service

The Auto Auctions listed below provide dedicated, online support consisting of the ability to speak or chat with knowledgeable representatives, and other improvements to increase the level of convenience associated with using the auction's online facility. The world is changing and these auctions understand that online auction customers require a new level of service that serves to instill confidence and improve auction workflow. Buying or selling vehicles online should not require auto dealers or consignors to work harder, or lose time due to inefficiency. AuctionVcommerce is helping to lead the initiative in Digital Remarketing and is currently working with Independent Auto Auctions around the country to set a higher standard for serving customers online. We are preserving a time-honored tradition in the automotive industry. Through the auto auctions listed below, you can expect better online service and support. This is the place where tradition meets technology.

Partial List of Platforms subscribed to by our members: EdgePipelineIAS Marketplace, OVE, SmartAuction