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Premium Online Customer Service

Our members are committed to improving the online experience for their customers. This means providing multi-channel support to allow customers to connect through their own preferred method. Here are some of the tools online customers can access through AVC Auto Auction Members:

Telephone Support

A dedicated online support number allows customers the ability to speak to a live rep. Our reps work with the customer to insure that their situation is handled efficiently, and effectively. We do not ask customers to hang up to call other technology providers. We assist them through the entire process when an issue is affecting their ability to register or bid online.

Customers may leave messages during non-buisness hours, which will be serviced the next business day. However, messages are monitored throughout evenings and weekends, so in the event of an emergency, a support rep will respond within 2 hours of the call.

Chat Support

Online customers have become accustomed to the idea that most transactional sites provide digital access to customer reps. So we are pleased to announce that our members are no exception. The chat widget allows online customers to make requests, get information, access immediate support during the live sale, and communicate in almost any language. AVC Members want to ensure the customer's online experience is just as memorable as if they were to physically attend the sale.

During non-business hours, the live chat becomes a message center where customers can leave messages that are emailed to our support team. Messages are responded to in a timely manner.

Help Center Support

With more and more online users finding it simpler to help themselves to support, AVC Members provide a convenient Help Center with regularly updated articles and resources that can be accessed 24-hours a day.

Other Benefits

AVC Members are continually evaluating customer feedback to help revise methods that are not beneficial to the online customer experience. Our members are working to identify best practices and policies to provide customers with the experience they deserve!

Our Members believe in viewing the sale from the eyes of the customer. Our AVC support team provides that point of view by logging into Auction events, and encouraging post-sale online reviews from auction attendees.
In addition to all of the support channels, our members offer customers an additional hand by providing log in assistance. Through this method, the support rep is able to quickly identify, and resolve most issues. In addition, the rep also takes the opportunity to educate the online customer with regards to the tools and features of the site.

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The Online Buyer Advantage

Buyers can spend less time trying to contact the auction, or trying to resolve issues whether they have to do with registration, logging in, or bidding. Reps are available all throughout the sale.

Better online service means that customers can connect with support, submit requests, and learn how to maximize online features for a premium virtual experience.


We provide the platform, and buyers provide the feedback. From there, the information is conveyed to our Auction Members to make improvements, or resolve outstanding issues.

The Consignor Advantage

Consignors have always recognized the online potential, and can now support the effort of reinforcing better online practices, while also helping to increase visibility for events.

To maximize the online opportunity, an auction must have an infrastructure to support online growth. Consignors can now opt to invest in auctions that, not only provide an online platform, but that actually run a full online operation.
Consigners distributing inventory through multiple auctions are provided with the ability to promote events, and monitor the online reputation of their Auction Partners all in one view.