How to Use This Site

Welcome to your Auction Management Center. We provide a single place to connect with multiple auctions regarding your purchases, services, consignments, and assistance with the auction's online platform. This is the place where tradition meets technology!

1. Create An Account

From the top right of your screen, click the profile image and create your account.

2. Save Listings & Events

Store your favorite auctions, vendors, and events in your dashboard by clicking on the 'Save' icon in the listings and the 'Yes I'm Going!' icon in the events. By tracking events, you will receive email notifications as events are updated.

3. Go to Your Dashboard

Select your profile image to expand the drop-down menu. Select 'Dashboard'

4. Access Your Saved Selections

From the dashboard, you can navigate to your saved info. Click on an auction to manage your customer service options or click on an event to view updated information. You can also send messages and manage your reviews.

Download the ‘AVC Dealer’ App in the App Store or Google Play

AVC Dealer App