When the live, simulcast auto auction was first introduced, it was met with great reluctance. The thought of purchasing vehicles sight unseen, tires un-kicked, and without the ability to listen to the engine… well it was just unimaginable! Especially in a business so deeply rooted in old-school handshakes, and face-to-face transactions. Yet, despite the aversion of many auctions to the online format, consigners began to require this feature as a prerequisite for providing the auction with inventory. So all across the country, vehicle auctions were putting their businesses online. Meanwhile, they forgot one small detail… They forgot to create an online business. This is why AuctionVCommerce is here.

AuctionVcommerce has identified the limitations of auctions throughout the country in delivering the most optimal online experience. With the management background of Auction Operations, Marketing, Business Development, Technology, Training, and Customer Service, Vcommerce has built an arsenal of resources to supplement auctions at different levels of building their online infrastructure. Consequently, AuctionVcommerce will assist auctions in defining the online standard, increasing the level of confidence for buyers and sellers all across the country.

In addition, AuctionVcommerce will serve to bridge the gap between the auctions, and their technology vendors. By providing this support, vendors will receive streamlined information, allowing them to focus on improving the reliability of their products, and delivering the most desirable features. Auctions will have the benefit of focusing on their core business without the stress of technology setbacks.

Our mission is to empower online vehicle auctions with infrastructure support, online visibility, and best of breed products that will optimize the user experience, and increase Internet vehicle sales exponentially.

Management Team

  • Kelly Bianchi, Founder & President
  • Kristin Zava, Client Services Manager
  • Will Ntim, Lead Website Developer

Partnership Opportunities

Vcommerce provides certification for products and services that will contribute to the objective of providing a better online experience. Product Screening is performed by a focus group within the industry that provides a QA assessment to determine the reliability of the offering. If you are interested in receiving this certification, please fill out the partner form, and you will be contacted by one of our specialists.