There was a time when auto auctions only learned about unethical customers the hard way. Then Auction Access came along to implement a universal solution that would greatly reduce the risk of an auction being ‘stiffed’ by an unscrupulous buyer. The auction pays for a subscription as a preventative measure, with no real indication of how many instances of corruption would have occurred. Although, if you ask a car auction if the continual investment is worth the risk of being ripped off by even a couple of automotive dealers, they will tell you, “Yes, it is! Because a single dealer can cost you a LOT of money.”

You Don’t Say!

What you need to understand about AuctionVcommerce is that we were built on this principle. If keeping a dealer from scamming your auction can prevent you from losing money, then what is the value of an auto dealer that wants to give you business? What if that dealer is not able to log in? Perhaps he is having technical difficulties… maybe your technology has a bug… he might have forgotten his log-in credentials, or didn’t register properly in the first place. What if that dealer would have bought 1-5 vehicles online, but he gave up out of frustration? What if that dealer bought 1-5 vehicles per week based on the fact that he had a great online service experience just one time? What is that worth? You see, if a dealer rips you off once, you can barr him from your sale. That is a one-time loss of revenue. Customer Loyalty, on the other hand, is a repetitive gain.

‘Think Outside the Blocks”™

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